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“So tell me... why are those bunkers so big?”

(the most commonly asked question from our visitors at the end of their round) 
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If you’re the organiser of a golf society then by now you will almost certainly be aware of 2 unavoidable truths; 

1) There are a multitude of golf venues that you can choose to play at in South Wales.
2) You’re the unlucky soul that drew the short straw because nobody else wanted to organise the day out!

While you have our sympathy in relation to number 2, at least we can give you some very compelling reasons why you should pick us when considering number 1, with the first of these reasons undoubtedly being the superb quality of our golf course located on the fabulous Gower Peninsula, Britain’s very first designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

"Following our recent visit to Fairwood all of our group were very impressed with the condition of your course.  In fact I would personally go so far as to say that you have the best greens I have ever played on."  Mr Allan Davies, Mountain Ash Golf Club

So what on earth does the size of our bunkers have to do with where you choose to play? 

Well, back in the early 1990s the Welsh PGA were looking for a venue to host one of their most prestigious events - the Welsh Professional Golf Championships - and having looked at several possible venues Fairwood Park Golf Club was eventually given the honour of staging the tournament for the first time in its history (indeed, the Welsh PGA were so impressed with the course that they immediately returned again for a second consecutive year... but that’s another story).
Within a matter of days, representatives from BBC Sport had come down on a reconnaissance visit to discuss the best camera positions for live broadcasting as well as the multitude of logistical issues associated with holding one of Welsh golf’s premier events. After the first of these visits their preliminary report came back with one main conclusion – “Your bunkers are not big enough!” 
Having taken a BBC helicopter on a test run to get shots of the course from high above, the TV execs decided that it would be far more pleasing on the eyes of a watching audience if the bunkers could be made three times their current size! Not only would this make for more attractive visual aesthetics, but it would also produce a sterner challenge of golf for the Professionals involved. So with that instruction the Club duly obliged, and in the months building up to the tournament a veritable number of moon craters began to appear on the golf course.

Fortunately for today’s visiting golfer we’ve been able to return the size of our bunkers to a much more modest scale over the past decade. In fact that shrinking process has definitely been a welcome development and it’s fortunate that a visit to Fairwood Park nowadays does not mean you need to have a full time Caddy at your disposal making it ideal for golf societies.

But even today a few of those oversized bunkers are still lurking out there and you don’t have to look particularly hard to find them. They are the legacy of those 2 glorious years when the eyes of Welsh golf were firmly fixed on Fairwood Park.

And in case you were wondering the Championships were won on both occasions by Paul Mayo, a man who played in no fewer than 6 British Opens as well as the 1988 Masters at Augusta.

“Thank you once again for an excellent day out. The course was in perfect condition and even the weather held for us. Everyone of our group commented on how good the day was, and that the food was brilliant! Thanks once again for a great day and we look forward to seeing you soon.”
Mr Terry Schneider, Little Heroes Golf Society


Fairwood Park 17th

To this day Fairwood Park remains the only Championship golf course within the County of Swansea, and the only Championship parkland golf course in the whole of South-West Wales.  When you book with us you can be absolutely certain that you’ll be playing on one of the very best tracks that South Wales has to offer with a proven Championship pedigree.

In recent years the main development on the golf course has centred on the creation of five massive new lakes which superbly complement the existing five already spread around Fairwood Park. All of these lakes act as attractive water features in their own right but as difficult hazards it is also vital that they are safely navigated in order to avoid the wrecking of a good card, as well as the loss of your prized Pro V1s! 

Of course, should you succeed in avoiding the wet stuff then you’ll at least be rewarded with one of the most satisfying feelings in the game of golf – the sheer pleasure of watching your ball carry safely over the water to land firmly on the green beyond.

“I am writing on behalf of Ashburnham Golf Club to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful day we had at your Club. The high quality of your course, the excellence of the meals and the helpfulness of all your staff made our visit to you an outstanding pleasure. What a wonderful day!”   Mr Gwyn Evans, Ashburnham Golf Club

Another key reason for bringing your ‘Away Day’ to Fairwood Park is certainly the forgiving nature of the golf course off the tee with widely contoured fairways that really let you attack the ball with the certainty that there won’t be too much punishment if your aim is off line. Neither should you underestimate the benefits of quick play that come from having exceptionally well maintained rough amongst the 15,000 trees that line our fairways. With state of the art machinery that lets us cut in and around those trees, you can rest assured that only the most wayward of tee shots will ever risk being lost so your group’s speed of play will remain high. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a club and ending up playing a wretched round on a course that's simply set up far too hard for the average golfer. Fortunately for your society there’ll be no such perils awaiting you when you play at Fairwood Park.

We should also mention that as the flattest golf course in the County of Swansea with buggy cart hire available a day out at Fairwood Park ticks all the boxes for any age group of players. At our course you’ll find no nasty hills to climb and each shot is played with the lie of the ball level at your feet, allowing you to reach the 19th hole with no aches, pains, or stiffness. 

In today’s brave new world of ‘pay and play’ golf it’s true that there are some fantastic deals to be found on many good courses. But we don’t consider ourselves as a 'good' golf course. With some justification Fairwood can claim to be one of the great woodland courses of South Wales and for that reason we might not be the right venue for those groups just looking for the cheapest possible deal. But if your society are looking for a course located in an incredible woodland setting, situated in the heart of an officially designated ‘Area of Outstanding Natural beauty’ with a first class Championship pedigree to match, then we can most definitely meet your requirements and would love to hear from you.

For more information about our society packages please Click Here or call now on 01792 297849.