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The only thing better than playing Fairwood Park as a visitor... is joining us as a Member.

If you’re serious about golf then the likelihood is you’re seriously thinking about joining somewhere. And if you’re thinking about joining somewhere then you’ll probably want to ask the following questions:

Fairwood 1st
The only thing better than playing Fairwood Park as a visitor... is joining us as a Member.

If you’re serious about golf then the likelihood is you’re seriously thinking about joining somewhere. And if you’re thinking about joining somewhere then you’ll probably want to ask the following questions:

Why should I join Fairwood Park?
To this day, Fairwood Park remains the only parkland golf course in South-West Wales to have ever held a PGA tournament.  It is the only PGA status Championship golf course within the County of Swansea, so each and every time you step onto the 1st tee you can be absolutely sure there is no better golf experience to enjoy in Swansea.

On two separate occasions during the 1990s we were chosen as the venue for the Welsh PGA Championships, an event that was televised live by the BBC. On both occasions it was won by Paul Mayo, a man who played in no fewer than 6 British Open Championships (alongside Jack Nicklaus on one occasion) as well as playing in the 1988 Augusta Masters.

So each and every single time you step out onto the 1st tee you’ll know that if it’s good enough for the exacting standards of Professional golfers it’s good enough for anybody.  

The real joy of any parkland golf course is that it can be manicured to perfection during the summer months when the grass grows and the sun shines. However, the double edged sword is that such parkland courses are almost always situated upon impermeable clay subsoil which does not drain away large quantities of water very well in the winter, thereby causing flooded fairways, waterlogged greens and course closures.

That is why all of us at Fairwood Park are justifiably proud of the fact that following the completion of a long term drainage scheme the golf course stays open for play throughout the winter and off temporary greens.

Welsh Rugby stars Ian Gough and Ryan Jones are two of Fairwood Park's most famous members.  You certainly won't find two bigger 'obstacles' at any other course in South Wales!  

Ryan Jones & Ian Gough

Furthermore, we do not close any holes for play throughout the winter so as a member you can be sure of the fact that the course you play in the winter doesn’t differ from the one you enjoy in the summer.  Another benefit of this is that we handicap all of our competitions right throughout the winter which means that bandits won't be able to get away with claiming a higher handicap for 5 months of the year!  Under Golf Union Of Wales rules a Club may only handicap its competitions during the winter months if the distance of its course is within 100 yards of its official summer length, which is certainly the case at Fairwood Park.

Naturally it's true that the course inevitably plays shorter off the tees in summer when the ground is firmer and a well hit tee shot will run further. But it is also true that few parkland golf courses in South-West Wales can compete with Fairwood Park’s fantastic drainage.

What’s the social side of membership like, and will I find it easy to meet other members?
It’s probably fair to say that the typical stereotype of the average golf club member at the average UK golf course is not the most flattering!  A perception exists that golf club members form 'cliques' and are sometimes a little hostile towards 'outsiders’ - and it's fair to say that this is often the case at most clubs.

The good news though is that you’re in for a very pleasant surprise when you join Fairwood Park.  We are renowned for having one of the friendliest groups of members you could hope to meet, where we guarantee you’ll quickly meet new golfing friends in an atmosphere that is free from any suffocating snobbery. 

Furthermore, you’ll never go without a game here because there will always be a 2 or 3 ball group willing to play with you, so long as you yourself want to play with others. Fancy testing this theory out for yourself? Then just head down to the practice nets by the 1st tee on your own and ask the first 3 ball you meet if they mind that you join them for a game! 

I’m a novice golfer or high handicap player. I don’t want to feel embarrassed when I play the course with other members.
If you’re relatively new to the game of golf or have a high handicap then one of the main worries you might have is the fear of somehow embarrassing yourself by playing with other members who might play off a much lower or single handicap. One of the reasons that this fear is unfounded at Fairwood Park is because of our Stones Section.

The Stones are uniquely geared towards meeting the needs of the Club’s higher handicapped golfers and play on a weekly basis in a relaxed atmosphere where the emphasis is most definitely on enjoyment rather than being ultra competitive.  And it’s absolutely true that when you play golf with other players of the same ability then you feel a lot less apprehension about hitting the odd bad shot yourself. This is what makes our Stones Section so unique and why you needn’t have any fear about joining if you’re a novice golfer. 

Can I use my electric or pull trolley on the golf course at all times in winter?
If you have a set of ‘Hedgehog Wheels’ that are compatible with your relevant trolley then the short answer is yes, you can use your trolley on the golf course at all times in winter. We never ban trolleys that have these ‘hedgehog wheels’ fitted. If you do not own a set of ‘hedgehog wheels’ for your trolley then we will only prohibit you from using your trolley on the wettest of days in winter. If you would like further information on purchasing 'hedgehog wheels' for your trolley then please contact our Pro Shop.

How hilly are you / How easy is it to walk the course?
The golf course at Fairwood Park is easily the flattest of all the golf courses in the Swansea area, with no severe gradients or steep hills to encounter, just gently rolling parkland that is very easy on the legs. Furthermore, on almost every single shot you play you’ll find that the ball will be level with your feet, which won’t cause you to contort your back into uncomfortable positions when the ball is either above or beneath the lie of your feet.  Playing golf at Fairwood Park certainly doesn’t come with a health warning and two of our current members are still happily playing over the age of 90!

While the relative flatness of the course is perhaps more appreciated by the older golfer, younger players can also benefit from the feeling of relative freshness they’ll experience compared to playing on a more hilly track, leaving them less fatigued from their round and able to get on with their other interests in their life away from the game of golf.

The golf course now benefits from
one of the best drainage systems in South-West Wales too, ensuring that you get full value for money over
12 months of the year.  

Take a look at the video opposite to see the drainage system in action.

Fairwood Park member and ex-Wales striker, John Hartson celebrates the completion of the club's winter drainage system in March 2009.  This drainage system now keeps the course open for play throughout the whole year, and more importantly, off temporary greens.

John Hartson

What are your practice facilities like?
There is not a single shot in the game of golf that you won’t be able to practice with the facilities we have at Fairwood Park. We have three specific practice areas at the Club, each dedicated to the three main aspects of the game – the distance/long iron game, the short iron game, and around the green.

You invest a lot of money in your golf equipment and your golf subscriptions and by investing time practicing on our excellent facilities you’ll become the best player you can possibly be. When you join Fairwood Park this year there’ll be no excuses for dropping at least another 3 shots off your card!

Are Buggies available for hire?
The Club has a very large fleet of buggies available for hire, which means that it's very easy to book one out even during busy periods.  All members receive a specially discounted rate of £10 per round on buggy hire.

How long is the course?
The first thing to note is that when played off the Championship back tees, Fairwood Park is a completely different proposition compared to the standard yellow tee boxes. At 6,700 yards, the Par 73 Championship tees easily make Fairwood Park the longest course in the County of Swansea.

Off these back tees it is not only one’s accuracy that comes into question but also one’s distance, and the advantage of playing on such a long course is that it forces players to improve their long iron game in order to stand any chance of making par. Unlike shorter golf courses, you will get found out very quickly if your long iron game is lacking in precision - off the back tees there are no easy 9 iron or wedge shots to get onto the Par 4s in two! 

But by joining Fairwood Park as a member you will get a regular opportunity to play these type of shots over and over again, and by doing so you will inevitably improve your overall game with a full arsenal of weaponry to attack any golf course. By joining a course with a lot less yardage you’ll certainly develop a good short iron game but this will be to the detriment of your skills with the long irons.

If the length of the course sounds a little intimidating at first then the good news is that the vast majority of golf played at Fairwood Park is actually done so off the yellow tees!   And at 6,220 yards this is a much more manageable distance for those who are a little daunted by the prospect of playing off the Championship tees.

The other benefit to note for higher handicap players is that since the arrival at our course of some state-of-the-art machinery in 2008 we are now able to keep not only the height of the cut in the rough down, but also the grass in and amongst the 15,000 trees and small plantations that give the golf course its wonderful definition. While there are fewer pleasing sights in the game of golf than a beautiful tree-lined fairway, it’s also true that losing your ball in amongst those trees may quickly dampen your mood! As a result, those golfers with higher handicaps need not worry about constantly losing balls from hitting poor shots - and with fewer balls lost, more strokes get saved, meaning that handicaps come down quicker!

For more information about membership please call today on 01792 297849 or click here

You can also download a copy of our membership Application form here: fairwood_application_form